By the Wind Grieved

By the Wind Grieved
“O lost, And by the wind grieved, Ghost, Come back again.” Thomas Wolfe

Friday, January 17, 2014

The Completed Manuscript as Jumping Off Point

A year has passed. It seems almost a miracle that before me sits a manuscript of 106,901 words. At the last meeting with my client, he approved the rewrite on the final chapter. The final revisions and few additions are nearly completed. I have fulfilled the promises made in the contract I drew up for him and received the final payment. The tome has taken its first few steps into the world as various readers now work their way through it.

Now what?

As this point drew near, I experienced both a slight wave of panic and a surge of excitement at the thought of being done with the project. I have some of my own projects sitting on the back burner and am eager to dive in. However, there was the question of income. My agreement with my client entailed a payment roughly equal to my monthly take home pay at my old job in academic program management. How was I going to develop another income stream in such a short time.